Sept 16th thru Sept 18th, 2021

KCC-Sale-Download-Print-Tagging TipsTagging and Preparing Merchandise

Kids Clothing Consignment Sale (KCC) accepts only quality, clean, ready to wear items. Please make sure to check all of your clothing items for stains, tears, broken zippers, missing buttons, etc. Presentation of your items is important! Properly displayed items typically sell much quicker and at a higher price than others. You receive 70% of the sale price of your items!


You set the price of your items! We recommend 25% – 30% of the original purchase price. We cannot accept any clothing items under $2.00. If your clothing item cannot bring $2.00 then pair it with something that can. Please price in $.50 increments only (no $7.99, etc.). We do not negotiate or bargain with buyers to lower the price of any of your merchandise.


All clothing items must be tagged on the front using our barcoded tags. Items without a barcoded tag cannot be sold. See the Create Tags tab to input your tagging information and print your tags. Please affix your tags to the front of each item in the upper right of the garment with a 1 or 1 1/2 inch (large) safety pin. No straight pins, tape, etc. Large safety pins will secure your tag in the best way or use a tagging gun if you prefer. Your items should be hung with the hook of the hanger facing to the left (so it looks like a question mark) See example below.

Proper Tag Location on Garments Properly Tagged Girls Jest with Jeans




(Please use pant hangers whenever possible!)

Pant Hangers

You may use pant hangers as long as the pants are secure on the hanger and cannot be easily pulled off of the hanger on to the floor or you may affix your pants to a wire or other hanger with safety pins as seen above. When you have an “outfit”, please secure the pants/skirt/bloomers right behind the shirt/dress. You may use a pant/skirt hanger OR secure the pants/skirt/bloomers with safety pins. See example

Wire Hangers

When using wire hangers, you can zip tie the pants through the manufacturers tag and attach it to the hanger.   This will keep the pants/shorts from slipping to one side of the hanger.  See example..

Delicate Fabric’s

For delicate fabric, you may attach your bar-coded tag to the manufacturers tag inside the collar of the item. Make sure your tag is completely visible on the outside of the garment

Large Toys, baby equipment, cribs, etc.

All toys, baby equipment, etc., require a bar-coded tag. Please secure your tag to your merchandise with tape on the top and sides of the card. Please do not cover the bar-code on the bottom of the tag with masking tape! We also recommend that you attach a piece of masking tape with your seller ID# and price to the underneath of large items just in case your tag should come loose. We also recommend that you assemble all large items such as cribs, playhouses, pack-n-play’s, etc. A buyer will want to see an assembled item to make sure all pieces are included and working properly. Large items can be assembled any time during drop-off which will be:

                                  Tuesday, Sept 14th 12noon-7pm                                     Wednesday, Sept 15th 9am-12noon

Small toys such as GI Joes, etc. must be placed in a clear Ziploc bag with the bar-coded tag taped to the back of the bag. PLEASE INCLUDE BATTERIES for toys which require them. A buyer will want to make sure the toy is working properly before buying. Please make sure all toys are clean, in good condition, and working properly with all parts included.

Secure Your Items

Please seal all Ziploc bags of Toys, Bedding, Socks, etc. with Clear Packing Tape across the top of the Ziploc bag. Please thoroughly tape all parts that go with a toy or large item to the toy/large item. This will keep the parts from detaching from the item to which they belong.

High Priced Items

If you have an item marked for $50 or greater please take a photo of the item with a complete description and bring it with you to Drop Off.  Place your bar-coded tag on the item itself and let us know when you drop off that you have a high priced item. We will place your item in a secured location and place your photo/description on the appropriate table on the Sale floor for buyers to see.

Shoes, Socks, etc.KCC-Sale-Download-Print-Tagging Tips

SMALL SHOES: Please use Ziploc Bags for ALL SMALLER SHOES (no shoe boxes please).  Your bar-coded tag should be taped to the back of the Ziploc bag (this allows a buyer to see the shoes in the bag). LARGE SHOES: Please use Zip Strip/Zip Ties for all larger shoes that will not fit in a Ziploc bag.  Please zip tie laces together and securely attach tag to shoes with tape or a safety pin. Socks and items under $2.00 must be combined in a clear Ziploc bag. If your item cannot bring $2.00 then pair it with something that can.

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